Korea Telecom (KT) has started distributing films in DVD Rooms across South Korea.

A peculiarly Korean phenomenon, DVD Rooms are establishments easily compared to those with karaoke booths, where customers can choose a film to watch on a large screen in a private room with comfortable chairs or sofas.

KT's new service is called Moviespot, supplying new releases to 85 DVD Rooms so far since the beginning of the month.

KT is acquiring rights to films that have recently finished their theatrical runs and provides video-on-demand (VOD) servers and software to their affiliated DVD rooms in order to transmit films digitally. The audio and visuals are of DVD quality on 5.1 sound channel.

The servers provided by KT can service up to 12 separate screening rooms at a time, making it possible to screen new films in multiple venues before their official DVD releases.

Aside from theatrical releases, the service can also provide films that will never DVD release, as well as television dramas and animations.

Films currently screening at DVD rooms include recent theatrical releases 200 Pounds Beauty, The Butterfly Effect 2 and The Master Kims.

KT is also working on digital cinema distribution and expanding its IPTV services, raising concerns that it is looking for a way to break into the theatrical distribution market as well.