Korean So Yong-kim's first feature shot in Canada, In Between Days, won the best film and best actress prizes in the international competition at the ninth Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema (BAFICI).

Argentinian film-makers Federico Leon and Marcos Martinez took the Special Jury Award for Estrellas (Stars), while Portugal's Hugo Vieira da Silva received the best director award for Body Rice.

The prize for best actor went to Arturo Goetz for his work in El Asaltante (The Mugger), by local film-maker Pablo Fendrik.

Santiago Giralt, Camila Toker and Tamae Garateguy's UPA! Una Pelicula Argentina (UPA! An Argentinian Film), a satire on New Argentinian Cinema, won the official competition for local films with a cash award of $50,000.

Veteran Rafael Filippelli (Musica Nocturna / Night Music) and Raul Perrone (Canada) shared the best director award in the Argentinian competition.

The 13-day festival, Argentina's biggest in terms of films and attendance, broke several records: 468 films from 47 countries were shown; 312 foreign directors, producers, distributors, actors and festival programmers and 2,300 from Argentina participated at the event, and 260,700 tickets were sold, a 11.5% increase compared with last year's figures.

Awards in full

Best film
In Between Days (So Yong-Kim, Canada-US-South Korea)

Best director
Hugo Vieira da Silva for Body Rice (Portugal)

Special Jury Prize
Estrellas (Stars), (Federico Leon and Marcos Martinez, Argentina)

Best Actress
Jiseon Kim (In Between Days)

Best Actor
Arturo Goetz (El Asaltante - The Mugger)

Best Film (Argentinian competition)
UPA! Una Pelicula Argentina (Santiago Giralt, Camila Toker and Tamae Garateguy)

Special mention (Argentinian competition)
La Leon, by Santiago Otheguy

Best director (Argentinian competition)
Rafael Filippelli (Musica Nocturna - Night Music) and Raul Perrone (Canada)

Best short film
abc, etc, (Sergio Subero, Argentina)

Human Rights award
9 Star Hotel (Ido Haar, Israel)

Cinema of the Future Award
El Tiempo Que Se Queda (The Time That Rests) (Jose Luis Torres Leiva, Chile)

El Telon de Azucar, (Camila Guzman Urzua, Cuba- France)

SIGNIS award
The Unpolished (Pia Marais, Germany)

ADF award (best cinematography)
DP Jorge Crespo (El Desierto Negro / Black Desert, Argentina).

FEISAL award
Estrellas (Stars)

Argentores award (screenwriters)
Estrellas (Stars)