After a staggered platform release director/actor Jeroen Krabbe's The Discovery Of Heaven has pulled its way to the top of The Netherlands box office chart in its third week on release. The English-language Dutch film, Krabbe's second directorial effort after 1998's Left Luggage, opened on Oct 18 to a resounding $37,654 (fl 91,764) from just four sites for a stunning screen average of $9,414. Heaven then widened to 41 screens in its second weekend and leapt 693% to land fourth position in the chart with a four-day weekend of $298,667, maintaining its per screen strength with $7,285.

This weekend saw the supernatural drama, which is based on Harry Mulisch's novel of the same name and is produced by Netherlands-based Mulholland Pictures, claim the top spot as it expanded again to 56 sites taking a four-day weekend of $312,115, bringing its total gross to $778,947 thus far. In doing so Heaven ousted America's Sweethearts, which also opened on Oct 18, from the number one position and out performed new release Hollywood titles The Score and A Knight's Tale. The Discovery Of Heaven is sold internationally by Intermedia.

Meanwhile, woman of the moment Nicole Kidman is assaulting the charts around the world with her double whammy of Australian musical Moulin Rouge and Spanish English-language chiller The Others. Moulin Rouge, directed by Baz Luhrmann, has now taken an international gross of $87.8m to date, and continues to play well in many territories, which should see the film easily pass the $100m mark in international box office. The film has seen recent success in Korea with a nine-day tally of $2m, of which Seoul accounts for a massive $1.1m from just 32 screens.

The Others opened at the weekend in Iceland to claim the top chart position with a whopping $24,515 (isk2.5m) from its three screens, a screen average of $8,172. A nearly identical average, $8,593, was scored in the UK where the film recorded a strong opening three-day gross of $3.3m (£2.3m). Spain is also delighting in Kidman's cinematic presence with the two titles holding the number two and three spots. Moulin Rouge, at two, has already grossed $4.7m in the territory after four weeks on release, but this pales next to The Others nine week gross of $22.9m, the third highest gross of all-time in Spain and the largest for a local production.

Last weekend saw the Italian openings for two films approaching the $100m international box office mark. American Pie 2 and Cats & Dogs opened at positions one and four respectively in the territory. UIP's comedy sequel claimed $1.5m (L3.2bn) from 252 screens over the three-day weekend and Warner Bros' family title scored $850,078 from 239. American Pie 2 has grossed $89.7m for UIP so far with many major territories still to receive it, including Japan, Mexico, Australia and Spain. Cats & Dogs has grossed $96m to date in international markets and is still playing well in several territories including Japan, the UK, Brazil and Hungary - where it held the number one spot for its second week running last weekend.