Two LA-based entertainment lawyers have merged their practices to create what they call "an entertainment convergence media incubator law firm". Entertainment attorney Phillip L Rosen and Joseph B Anderson, a specialist attorney in Internet and entertainment, have created one entity - Rosen & Anderson - which aims to service both Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

"Hollywood has realised that it doesn't need to license its content and creativity to Silicon Valley dot-coms; it can harness their technology, knowledge and funding and create its own web businesses," said Rosen, who for seven years was senior vice president, business & legal affairs at New Line Cinema.

"With Phillip's experience and contacts in the entertainment industry and my connection to the Internet community, our firm offers full service to nascent dot-coms, from incorporation to strategic planning to financing - soup to nuts," said Anderson.

Rosen & Anderson is currently working on setting up, a family-oriented animated Internet network and family friendly search engine, founded by actor Dave Coulier.