The second annual Festival Of German Cinema Los Angeles has been set for Nov 9-15, kicking off with Roland Suso Richter's The Tunnel and closing on Nov 15 with Oliver Hirschbiegel's The Experiment.

Organised by the Export-Union Of German Cinema, the festival has confirmed the attendance of Richter and Hirschbiegl along with Hardy Martins, Xavier Koller, Otto Alexander Jahrreiis, actress Nicolette Krebitz (The Tunnel) and producer Michael Schwarz. Festival director is Corina Danckwerts, US representative of the Export-Union on the West Coast.

Other films screening at the festival include:
Anna Wunder directed by Ulla Wagner
As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me directed by Hardy Martins
Crazy directed by Hans-Christian Schmid
Girls On Top directed by Dennis Gansel
Gripsholm directed by Xavier Koller
Passing Summer directed by Angela Schanelec
Zoom directed by Otto Alexander Jahrreiss