The 11th Sarajevo Film Festival (Aug 19-27) endedon Saturday night with main award going to Bulgarian film Lady Zee (Leidi Zi) by Georgi Bulgjerov, out of 11 films incompetition.

The tragic comedy about an orphan girl won the main Euros25,000 "Heart of Sarajevo" prize, which was awarded by president ofthe Competition Jury Miki Manojlovic, one of the most famous Serbian actors.The rest of the jury included Sundance Festival director Geoffrey Gilmore,Austrian writer/director/producer Jessica Hausner, Bulgarian actress VeselaKazakova and UK artist Isaac Julien.

The special jury award went to the first ever feature filmfrom UNMIK Kosovo, The Kukum (Kukumi) directed by Isa Qosja.

The Best Actress Award went to Zrinka Cvitesic from Croatianfilm What Is A Man Without A Moustache(Sto Je Muskarac Bez Brkova) directedby Hrvoje Hribar. Peter Musevski from Slovenian feature Labour Equals Freedom (Delo Osvobaja) directed by Damjan Kozoletook the Best Actor prize.

The Short Competition Programme jury, presided over byAlexander Payne, gave its top prize to Hungarian short film Before Dawn directed by Balint Kenyeres.

The Partner's Award, backed by United International Pictures(UIP) which grants the winner a qualification for the European Film AcademyShort Film Awards went to Paycheck (PrvaPlata) from Bosniandirector Alen Drijevonic. The jury for this prize was presided by Terry George,whose Hotel Rwanda won the AudienceAward.

Some 1,000 accredited guests, 100foreign journalists and 162 films divided in 19 sections played at this year'sfestival. Co-production market CineLink, the regional version of the RotterdamFilm Festival Cinemart, hosted 180 participants, doubling the number fromprevious year.

Taking a step forward from CineLink, the Bosnia-HerzegovinaMinister of Culture Gavrilo Grahovac and Serbian Minister of Culture DraganKojadinovic signed the "Ohrid Initiative", a regional filmco-production agreement which will include all former Yugoslav republics, plusRomania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Greece.

The agreement was initiated at Ohrid in Macedonia during theshooting of the first co-production of all former Yugoslav republics Borderline Post (Karaula), directedby Croatian Rajko Grlic, which will be released by March 2006 in allparticipating countries.