Ray Lawrence's critically-acclaimed second feature, Lantana, continued to take Europe by storm at the weekend opening on a platform 16 prints in the UK this week with a resounding $142,409 (£92,566) for distributor Winchester.

Scoring a massive per site average of $8,900 the Australian title, which features an ensemble cast including Geoffrey Rush, Barbara Hershey and Anthony LaPaglia, claimed tenth position in the UK/Ireland chart even before it widens its release next weekend to 42 prints.

Eleven of the 16 screens playing the dramatic thriller were in London's West End where Lantana grossed $104,165 over its opening three days to come second in the London chart, boasting an average of $9,470.

The success follows good limited shows in France and Italy. After three weeks in France, where it opened on 30 screens before widing to 39, the film has sold 96,200 tickets ($500,200) for Mars Films.

In Italy, where it is handled by Fandango, the film launched on April 19 with $22,028 (Euro 22,380) at just six screens for a good average of $3,671. After 18 weeks on release it remains it the country's top 25 chart having grossed $505,103 (Euro 513,185).

Spain saw the film open in February for UIP where it grossed $210,697 (Euro 214,068). Lantana opens in Germany in November. It grossed $4.5m in the US after being released by Lions Gate Films on six screens to take an opening weekend of $66,701 last December.