Aftergiving the film world Dogme and Automavision, Lars von Trier has unleashed hislatest concept: Lookey.

TheDanish director describes Lookey as a "basic mind game, played with movies asgame boards."

VonTrier explains that a Lookey is an out-of-context visual element added to afilm, with five to seven to be found in each feature. "For the casual observerit's just a glitch or mistake but for the initiated it's a riddle to besolved," he explained. "All Lookeys in a movie can be decoded by a system thatis unique

for the movie. To decipher the system is part of the challenge."

Hisnew comedy The Boss OfIt All uses the concept, and von Trier says that the first viewer in Denmark to find all of thatfilm's Lookeys will win $5,344 (DKR 30,000) and the chance to be an extra inhis next film.

Thedirector says the concept will address film's "great flaw - it's a one-waymedia with a passive audience."

Aswith Dogme, von Trier says the concept is "an open invitation to allfilm-makers."

Theconcept is explained at