Swedish director Johannes Nyholm releases his short [pictured] online, together with making of documentary.

Following its premiere at Cannes in 2011, Swedish director Johannes Nyholm’s short film Las Palmas, featuring his own daughter (at the time, aged one) as a middle-aged lady on a holiday, has been made available online as part of an alternative distribution strategy.

Having received over 16m hits for the trailer alone, it’s clear Nyholm’s film is sought-after and together with a making of documentary, Nyholm has decided to make it available to watch and download at a small fee to ensure that people get to see it.

“[Shorts] lead a secret life on festivals, but they are not seen or heard of by a lot of people. The way it works with current distribution of shorts makes it hard for the majority of people to find them, other than by accident when zapping the TV channels,” explains Nyholm.

“So what do we have here? We have a film that is not any film. A huge number of people have seen the trailer. It is a well known movie. But very few have actually seen the full thing. We are trying out an alternative distribution method, putting the movie online ourselves, for everyone to watch and download for a small fee. No big distribution company, no big TV network stealing the rights, just do it ourselves methodology.”

For more information, visit laspalmasmovie.com.