Hong Kong producer Bill Kong has sealed one of the first major deals on upcoming action title Blood: The Last Vampire in the first days of the market, by selling all UK rights to Pathe UK Distribution.

Chris Nahon is directing the $35m English-language film starring Korean superstar Gianna Jun (aka Jeon Ji-hyun) and Western actors Allison Miller, Liam Cunningham and Colin Salmon.

Cory Yuen, who previously worked with Nahon on Kiss Of The Dragon, is overseeing action sequences. Abel Nahmias and Hong Kong film-maker Ronny Yu are producing with Kong.

Kong's Edko Films is co-producing the film with SAJ and Pathe France, which will distribute in France. However, the UK deal was concluded separately with Pathe UK which paid a significant minimum guarantees, according to Kong.

Focus Feature is handling international sales outside of North America, UK, South-East Asia, France, Benelux and Switzerland.

A live-action adaptation of a popular Japanese anime, from Production IG, the film revolves around a female vampire slayer, enlisted by an American military base to save them from an attack of blood-sucking fiends. The film has been shooting since March in Argentina and China.

Kong, whose credits include Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero and Ang Lee's upcoming Lust, Caution, describes the film as an epic action movie and the first of a three movie franchise.

France's Éclair and Hong Kong's Menfond are working on the film's extensive visual effects, along with animatronic house Spectral Motion which is creating a monster for the film.