New Spanish-language sales consortium Latido has closed a string of sales on Manuel Gutierrez Aragon's Berlin competition entry Your Next Life prior to the film's premiere today (Monday) - and the company's official launch at the post-premiere party.

Your Next Life (La Vida Que Te Espera) has sold to Canada's Seville Pictures, Austria's Poly Film (theatrical only), Israel's Shani Distribution, Benelux's Cinemien, Mt. Blanc Distribution for Switzerland and Lichtenstein, and TVR for Romania. Earlier sales included Germany's Solo Film.

Latido, also known as Latin Beat, was formed last autumn to handle films and co-productions from its three partner companies - Spanish producers Continental Producciones, Tornasol Films and Zebra Producciones - and expects to announce its first third-party pick-ups soon.

It's managing director is Massimo Saidel, who is also a partner in France's Vision International and who has been beating Latido's drum since Mifed.

Tornasol Films executive producer Mariela Besuievsky said: "Latido stems from producers' need to feel our films are getting the best representation abroad, and to find continuity with a single seller familiar with the kinds of films we make."

The company has two new Latin American co-productions on its slate: Chilean Andres Wood's 1970s-set Machuca with Federico Luppi; and Columbian Sergio Cabrera's noir The Art Of Losing (Perder Es Cuestion De Metodo).

Saidel and Latido's Madrid-based sales coordinator Maria Garcia-Castrillon are bringing footage from these and other films to Berlin, including new comedy Arquimedes Principle (El Principio De Arquimedes) from Gerardo Herrero.