Madrid-based sales outfit Latido has closed several sales on Sex, Party & Lies by Albacete and Menkes.

The film, to be released by Sony Spain on 250 prints in late March, has gone to Korea (Planis Entertainment), Greece (Art Free) and the US (Multivision). France, Italy and Russia are in negotiation and Latido is fielding offers from Japan.

New on Latido's slate is A Good Man by Juan Martinez Moreno, billed as 'a serious moral thriller in the style of under suspicion' which has now been sold to K&Entertainment for Korea.

During EFM, Latido also closed a deal on animated title Animal Crisis, the first Spanish 'flash animation' feature, with HDC (for China). Meanwhile, it sold Horn Of Plenty from Juan Carlos Tabio (co-director of Strawberry and Chocolate) to the US (HBO) and to various smaller territories.