Just as Will Smith's character repels hordes of infected assailants in I Am Legend, so the Warner Bros release has fended off wave after wave of competitors to maintain its status as the number one international film.

Despite solid performances by National Treasure: Book Of Secrets, Alvin And The Chipmunks, Bee Movie and American Gangster, this was the third weekend in a row that the Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) horror sci-fi release ranked number one overseas.

It was also the fourth out of five weekends that I Am Legend has held on to the top spot as an estimated $36.2m from 5,000 prints in 47 territories raised the tally to $218m.

Weekend business was led by a mighty $9.1m (Eu6.2m) launch in Germany on 816 prints that ranked number one with a 57% market share of the top five and marked the fifth best launch for a 16-rated film.

The horror sci-fi release stole the show in Italy where $7.1m (Eu4.8m) from 522 accounted for a 48% market share of the top five, while $1.4m (Eu1m) from 100 in Austria on 94 also claimed top spot.

In the third weekend in the UK it remained number one as $4.2m (£2.2m) from 462 elevated the cumulative total to $43.9m (£22.1m). The film stayed top in its second weekend in Australia on $3.1m (AU$3.5m) from 338 for $14.4m (AU$16.4m) and ranked second in Argentina, where $325,000 (Ps 1m) from 83 raised the tally to $1.2m (Ps 3.8m).

After four weekends I Am Legend ranked top in France on $24.8m and has grossed $17m in Spain, $5.2m in Holland and $3.9m in Belgium. After five the running total has reached $33.4m in Japan where it ranked second, $15.5m in South Korea and $4.7m in Taiwan. The next major releases are Mexico and Brazil this week.

New Line International's The Golden Compass maintained its steady course and is days away from crossing $250m after the fantasy adaptation added approximately $15m from 5,600 screens in 54 territories for $247m. The UK remains the lead territory and is expected to be on around $50m by the end of the weekend. The distributor will release actual results this week.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's (WDSMPI) National Treasure: Book Of Secrets grossed $14.7m from 4,700 screens in 32 territories for $127.5m.

A string of launches for the adventure sequel was led by a spectacular $1.2m debut in the Philippines on 90 screens that delivered roughly twice as much as the launch of National Treasure in 2004.

The film opened in Sweden on $920,000 from 90 and launched in Norway on $790,000 from 60. As with the Philippines, both debuts yielded about twice as much as the original.

Japan generated $1.1m from 462 in the fourth weekend for $19.2m and has already overtaken the entire run of the original by roughly 5%. Spain produced $1m from 425 for $11.4m and Mexico delivered another table topping result for the third weekend in a row as $1m from 740 raised the tally to $8.4m.

Russia delivered $845,000 for $12.7m and has produced approximately twice as much as National Treasure's entire run. Italy generated $665,000 for $12.8m and Belgium $610,000 from 86 for a $1.8m running total.

Enchanted added $7.7m from 4,100 screens in 34 countries and has reached $152.3m. South Korea added $1.4m from 300 and the UK $1.4m from 490.

Fox International's Aliens Vs Predator - Requiem grossed $13m on approximately 4,300 screens in 43 markets for $53m.

The horror sequel led the charge in Russia with a $3.4m launch from 498 screens, while $2.5m from 350 in Spain was good enough for first place. The film opened in second place in Brazil on $805,000 from 164.

After two weekends Aliens Vs Predator - Requiem added $986,000 from 460 in Mexico for $3.5m and $950,000 from 423 in France for $4.3m. After three it grossed $620,000 from 391 in Japan for $7.8m and $442,000 from 559 in Germany for $7.3m.

Alvin & The Chipmunks added $9.6m from roughly 4,000 screens in 50 markets for $81.4m. The family film plundered $2.2m from 259 in the second weekend in Australia for $7.9m and $662,000 from 256 in Brazil for $2.3m.

After four weekends the UK added $1.5m from 400 for $14.3m, while Mexico stands at $9m, Germany $7.3m, Spain $7m and France $6.7m.

The romantic comedy 27 Dresses opened at number one in its first market of Australia on $3.1m from 249 for the fourth biggest opening weekend for a romantic comedy there.

The Darjeeling Limited added $1.2m from roughly 350 screens in 12 markets for $8.5m. The film has struck a chord in Spain and Germany and has amassed $1.1m in each after two weekends

Russian blockbuster Ironiya Subdy 2 (Irony Of Fate) added $2.5m from 740 screens in its fourth weekend and stands at a formidable $44m in its native country. Lions For Lambs stands at $40.2m, Hitman has taken $49m and Love In The Time Of Cholera stands at $3.2m from Fox territories.

Universal's American Gangster's tally swelled by $7.1m from 1,800 venues in 37 territories through UPI to $81.8m. The crime drama scored $2.9m from 195 in its first weekend in Australia where it ranks third, grossed $236,000 from 48 in New Zealand and launched in Malaysia on $140,000 from 12 and in Singapore on $140,000 from 24. It ranks second in Spain after a $1.7m haul from 420 in the third weekend raised the tally to $10.1m.

Charlie Wilson's War added $3.4m from 535 sites in five territories for an early $4.2m running total. Business was buoyed by the $2.7m UK debut from 405 that ranked third.

Atonement added $3.4m from 735 sites in 22 territories for a highly promising $42.7m. The acclaimed arthouse release opened in Spain in third place on $1.6m from 181 dates, and launched in fourth place in Belgium on $278,000 from 20.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age has amassed $46.2m and Lust, Caution stands at $3m from the UK and Spain and has amassed $1.1m in the former and $1.9m in Spain. UPI will launch the espionage drama in its final markets of Australia and New Zealand on Feb 17.

DreamWorks-Paramount's Bee Movie grossed $6.5m from 4,391 screens in 61 territories for $141.5m. The largest contribution came from South Korea, where the film grossed $1.4m from 240 screens for $4.7mn.

The Kite Runner elevated its tally by $1.6m from 394 screens in four territories for $4.8m. The drama opened in second place in the Netherlands on $702,000 from 115 and launched in Mexico on $81,000 from 75.

No Country for Old Men grossed $320,000 from 51 screens in its fourth week of release in Australia and has amassed $2.4m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep added $1.4m from 627 screens in three for $4.4m. The family film opened in Australia in fifth place on $1m from 187 screens.

The film ranked seventh in its third weekend in Mexico on $3.1m and eighth in its second in New Zealand on $290,000.