French smash Les Bronzes 3: Amis Pour La Viewas once again the biggest money-maker in the international marketplace thisweekend, grossing more in its home territory than Hollywood movies including Munich,Chicken Little and Walk The Line could manage from multiplemarkets.

In its second weekend in France, the Gallic hit,distributed by Warner Bros France, dropped 41% but remained the country's topfilm with 1.9m admissions and an estimated gross of $14.3m (£11.9m) from 950 prints. That brought the cumulative international total to $43.2m (£36.1m).

Warner said the take was 63% bigger than that for StarWars Episode III in its second weekend in France; 45% bigger than the StarWars Episode 1 figure; 39% ahead of Harry Potter And The Philosopher'sStone; and 18% ahead of French hit Asterix Et Obelix Contre Cesar.

The only US film making its international debut thisweekend was MGM's The Pink Panther, distributed internationally by Fox.On the same day as its North American launch, the comedy revival starring SteveMartin opened at number one in Mexico, grossing $1.3m from 436 screens. It alsoopened at number one in Puerto Rico, with $339,578.

DreamWorks/Universal's Munich, in its thirdweekend internationally, was Hollywood's biggest challenger to Les Bronzes 3.Distributed by UIP, Munich grossed an estimated $11m from 3,600locations in 49 markets. With its international total rising to $52m, thecontroversial Steven Spielberg thriller has now grossed more outside the USthan domestically (the North American total is $44m).

Munichopened at number three in Korea, but managed a good $2.1m from 172 locations,15% ahead of Spielberg's Catch Me If You Can. In Hong Kong it opened atnumber two with $205,000 from 21 locations; in Sweden it opened with $160,000from 45 locations; and in Thailand it made its debut with $150,000 from 21locations.

In its holdover markets, Munich declined only21% in Japan, taking $1m and bringing its total for the territory to $3.6m. Itwas down 40% in Germany, for $920,000 and a total of $5.3m. It dropped 38% inFrance, for $880,000 and a $5.8m total; 44% in the UK, for $870,000 and a $6.6mtotal; 40% in Spain, for $775,000 and a $4.6m total; and 45% in Italy, for$675,000 and a $4.6m total.

Buena Vista International's Chicken Littletook an estimated $10m from 2,934 screens in 32 territories, bringing itsinternational total to $149.8m.

The computer-animated outing was boosted by a strongopening in the UK, where the half-term school holiday made the family audienceeasily available. Chicken opened top in the territory, grossing $5.3mfrom 485 screens. That was comparable, said Buena Vista International (BVI), tothe UK openings of Toy Story and Tarzan and 25% ahead of thedebut for Ice Age.

After starting its international run last week, FoxInternational's Walk The Line grossed just over $7m from 1,218 screensin 18 territories this weekend, bringing its total to $18.3m.

The biographical drama made its debut in Brazil with$239,057 from 103 screens and opened at number one in New Zealand, with$209,342 from 50 screens. It started in Taiwan with $111,397 from 58 screensand in Singapore with $53,809 from 18.

The film held on well in Australia, where itremained number one with $1.4m from 253 screens (for a $4m total).

Fox International's other major player, BigMomma's House 2, grossed a total of $6m from 1,257 screens in 11territories.

The Martin Lawrence comedy opened at number three inthe UK, with $3m from 313 screens and also started in Denmark ($121,949 from 20screens) and Malaysia ($141,176 from 25).

Focus Features' Pride and Prejudice,distributed by UIP, grossed an estimated $3.5m from 1,300 playdates in 25territories, bringing its total to $62.7m (including France, where UIP is notdistributing).

Opening in nine territories, the period romancestarted with $850,000 from 194 dates in Spain; $250,000 from 63 dates inBrazil; and $155,000 from 73 dates in Mexico. It held strong in its secondweekend in Italy, off just 27% to $835,000 from 160 dates.

Universal's Nanny McPhee, also distributed byUIP except for in France, grossed an estimated $3m from 1,100 dates in 12territories. Cumulative international gross (including France) reached $43.3m.

In France (where it is being released by Mars forStudio Canal), the family comedy opened well with an estimated weekend take of$750,000 from 160 dates. In Argentina it started with $52,000 from 30 dates.

Holdover business was strong in Germany, where thegross was off only 38% in the second week to $970,000 from 352 dates for a$2.9m total; Austria, where the gross dipped 13% to $200,000 from 82 dates anda $570,000 10-day total; and Australia, where the take fell 39% to $150,000from 127 dates for a 32-day total of $6m.

Jarhead,also from Universal through UIP, grossed $2.4m from 1,250 dates in 38territories, for a 39-day international total of $28.6m.

Opening in 12 new markets, the war drama did best inAustralia, where it grossed $1.1m from 174 dates, for second place on the localchart. In Japan, the film opened at number five in the key cities, taking$270,000 on Saturday (Feb 11).

The Weinstein Co's Derailed, distributed byBVI, took $2.4m from 918 screens in 12 markets, brining its running internationaltotal to $7.5m.

The thriller opened with $725,000 from 200 screensin Spain and $400,000 from 250 in Mexico.

BVI also reported a $3.6m gross from 1,234 screensin 10 markets for Bambi 2, and a $2.3m gross from 295 screens in Japanfor Flightplan (bringing the international total to $124m).

The distributor's The Chronicles of Narnia: TheLion, The Witch and The Wardrobe grossed another $3m from 45 territories,bringing its international total to $372.2m. That took the film past TheIncredibles to become Disney's third biggest international performer ever.The film's global total of $657m makes Narnia the company's biggest live-actionperformer of all time.

Box office figure were not immediately available forthe openings in Germany and Italy of Warner Bros' North Country, or forthe openings of the same studio's The Little Polar Bear 2 in France andthe UK. Sony, which had Fun With Dick And Jane opening in Spain and Underworld:Evolution opening in Italy, did not report grosses.