The father of one of thesingers appearing on the soundtrack of France's biggest box office hit of 2004,Les Choristes, raised questionsTuesday as to the remuneration received by the film's young stars.

A lawyer for FrancisHartmann, whose daughter's voice can be heard on the award winning soundtrack,told Agence France Presse that the original contract between the film'sproducer Galatee Films and the Saint Marc de Lyon chorus had been "badly drawnup by the production company and eventually the chorus itself." Hartmannis considering bringing suit to recuperate for his daughter's participation inthe recordings.

The film sold 8.5 milliontickets in France, while its soundtrack sold 1.5 million copies, and wasnominated for two Oscars including best original song and best foreign languagefilm.

In response to Hartmann'sallegations, Galatee called it an "isolated case" and noted that the agreementbetween the singers and the production called for a collective payment of Euros20,000 to the Lyon chorus at the time of recording as well as a further Euros100,000 in royalties which has yet to be turned over.

A lawyer for the producerstold AFP "In full agreement with the parents, the association believed it wouldkeep the money for its own activities."

However, the lawyer forHartmann said that the majority of parents were 'completely ignorant ofthe real rights of their children."

Hartmann's daughter has quitthe chorus as has the film's star Jean-Baptiste Maunier although the latter issaid to have left as a result of exhaustion.