L'Esquive,Abdelatif Kechichi's coming-of-age romp about immigrant kids in a Parisslum, walked away with the Golden Anchor, Haifa's supreme award for its20th International Film Festival, in a competition entirely dedicated toMediterranean production.

The jury, presided by Turkish actor Tuncel Curtiz, added twospecial mentions, one to Goran Paskaljevic's Midwinter Night'sDream, and to Jean-Luc Godard's NotreMusique, elected earlier this monthFIPRESCI's film of the year.

The only two new Israeli theatrical features displayed inthe program, Riki, Riki by Dalith Kahnand Ethan Haner and Amos Gitai's Promised Land were granted distribution subsidies to the tune ofNIS 65,000 (12,000 Euros).

Festival guests included Peter Greenaway, Marco Bellochioand Goran Paskaljevic.