LevelK has boarded sales for New Zealand filmmaker Peter Young’s The Last Ocean.

The 87-minute documentary, which is six years in the making, is about commerical fishing in the pristine Ross Sea in Antarctica; it looks at the global effects of overfishing.

“This untold story comes from a place few have had the privilege to see - yet it has relevance to people from all over the world” said Young. “I look forward to working
with LevelK and bringing this film to as large an audience as possible.”

The Last Ocean is supported by NZ on Air, the New Zealand Film Commission, Antarctic Ocean Alliance, Biotherm, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Park Road Post, Global Ocean, and Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition.

LevelK’s other documentary titles include 1/2 Revolution, Moon Rider, Planet RE:think and Prostitution Behind The Veil.