Toho has announced that GoroMiyazaki, the 38-year-old son of anime auteur HayaoMiyazaki, will direct a new feature based on the third and fourth novels in Ursula K. Le Guin'sEarthsea saga. He will work with the animators of Studio Ghibli,his father's creative home since 1985. Toho will release the film in July of2006.

The junior Miyazaki was the head of the Ghibli Museum in the Tokyo suburb of Mitaka from 2001to June of 2005. Tales From Earthsea will be his first animated feature.

The Earthsea saga was also made into a TV mini-series that Sci-Fi Channel in the US broadcast this year. Le Guinreportedly complained about the casting of all white actors in the roles. Shehas yet to state her opinion of the new Ghibli film.