A wealth of new releases launched in the UK at the weekend, with five of the six films debuting in the territory's top 10.

The adult-skewed films were led by Momentum Pictures' low budget horror title, My Little Eye. The film, which garnered a strong positive critical reception, grossed a good $1.3m (£840,633). Playing at 255 venues the film's site average of $5,167 bettered both of the third and fourth placed entries, Hollywood blockbusters Signs ($2.1m from 426) and Road To Perdition ($1.7m from 375).

My Little Eye, which cost less than $3m to produce, is distributor Momentum's fifth-biggest opening ever and should recoup its production costs by the end of next weekend, although it does face the market entry of UIP's Hannibal Lecter prequel, Red Dragon.

Unsurprisingly highest opener of the week, and top spot grabber, was Buena Vista International's animated feature Lilo & Stitch. The film saw an impressive launch weekend of $2.4m (£1.5m) from 280 locations, a mighty average of $8,488. With little to seriously challenge it in the children's market until Warner Bros release the - already booking! - Harry Potter sequel, Chamber Of Secrets on Nov 14, Lilo & Stitch should build good numbers in the territory. It opens in Ireland on Oct 18.

In sixth was Entertainment's Cuba Gooding Jr comedy, Boat Trip. Despite receiving poor reviews the film still took $666,654 (£425,325) from 256 locations. Performing better (by screen average) was 20th Century Fox's One Hour Photo in seventh with $659,091 (£420,500) from just 190 venues for an average of $3,469. The thriller benefited from star Robin Williams doing the rounds in London last week to promote the title.

Ken Loach's latest effort, Sweet Sixteen, took tenth position with a good $226,313 (£144,388) from only 66 sites. Distributed by Icon Film Distribution it saw an average of $3,429 per site. Unable to make the chart was Warner's Juwanna Mann. The comedy saw weak figures of just $22,3711 (£14,273) from its 22 sites.

Leader of the past three weeks, Signs dropped to third place this week but sits on a strong cumulative gross of $20.6m. Still impressing, and holding second position for its third consecutive week, was Entertainment's My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The comedy hit dropped off just 13% this week to take $2.2m (£1.4m) from 344 venues and bring its 17-day total to $9.7m.