Adventurestory Sahara might have claimed the lead at the UK box officeover the weekend, but a string of titles on limited release chalked up notablesuccesses.

MomentumPictures had a second powerful weekend for Downfall (Der Untergang). TheGerman film slipped a mere 1% week-on-week ahead of an aggressive expansionfrom Friday (Apr 15) onto 100 prints. The drama has now grossed $900,000(£475,000)

Openingon just 66 screens Metrodome's The Assassination Of Richard Nixon,playing off a campaign centred around 2003 best actor Oscar winner Sean Penn,saw a strong opening with $295,761 (£157,756) for a $4,500 screen average.

ErosInternational's latest Bollywood release, Lucky, enjoyed the bestlocation average of the week ($7,950) playing on just 29 screens.

VervePictures' homegrown drama Bullet Boy's numbers were solid if notspectacular despite largely positive reviews with $252,457 (£134,658) from 76sites - a $3,320 average. It was a good launch but will hope word-of-mouth canhelp it hold on with little drop next weekend.

Elsewherein the chart Entertainment Film Distributor's Valiant continues to lineits nest. In its third week it moved ahead of Fox's Robots on the chart,going from fifth to third after a platry 2% week-on-week slip. The box office onthe animated film now stands at $11.2m (£6m).

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