French actorVincent Lindon (Chaos, My Little Business)will begin shooting in Paris on August 23 for The Moustache, the first feature-length fiction film by the authorEmmanuel Carrere.

Lindon will staralongside Emmanuelle Devos (Read My Lips,Petites Coupures), who will play his wife. The actress worked previouslywith Carrère during the shooting of the film L'Adversaire by Nicola Garcia.

Based on a novelwritten in 1987, the film tells the story of a man who decides to shave themoustache he has had for most of his life. However, no one notices the change -not even the unlucky man's own wife. His life subsequently turns to chaos.

ScreenwriterCarrere, who also contributed to the film LaClasse De Neige, directed by Claude Miller, has been working on the moviesince mid-June. After seven weeks in Paris, the film crew will head to China,along with two weeks shooting in Hong Kong and Macao. The film will be releasedin fall 2005.

For The Moustache, the novelist iscontinuing his collaboration with Anne-Dominique Toussaint of productioncompany Les Films des Tournelles, which also produced Carrere's documentary Retour A Kotelnitch, that came out lastFebruary.