EXCLUSIVE: Vincent D’Onofrio, Chelsea Handler are among Hahn’s feature debut, an adaptation of 2001 novel Mall.

Linkin Park DJ Joe Hahn is to make his feature debut on an adaptation of 2001 Eric Bogosian novel Mall.
Vincent D’Onofrio, Chelsea Handler and Bogosian are among the cast.

D’Onofrio co-wrote the script with Joe Vinciguerra and Sam Bisbee and is producing with The Collective’s Sam Maydew.
The film follows the intersecting paths of five disaffected suburbanites: a stoner teen, a restless housewife (a dark role to be played by Handler), a voyeuristic businessman (D’Onofrio), a mall security guard and a trigger-happy crystal meth addict who heads to the mall looking for trouble.

“This film will be a comment on social violence,” said D’Onofrio in a statement. “It begins as a man walks through the front door of a suburban mall armed to the teeth, causing five strangers to embark on a night that will change them forever. As the bullets fly, one teenage boy hurtles through the night on a collision course with the man he will become.

UTA represents, the film which is partially financed with private equity while the producers are in discussions with sales companies to close finance.