Lions Gate Films International has sold all key territories to its new titles The Final Cut starring Robin Williams and The Prince And The Freshman with Julia Stiles, the latter of which will be handled by Paramount Pictures.

Co-presidents Nick Meyer and Sergei Yershov said that they had sold futuristic thriller The Final Cut to Eagle Pictures in Italy, Filmax in Spain, LNK in Portugal, Les Films de L'Elysee in Benelux, Film+ in Russia and CIS, Scanbox in Scandinavia, Spentzos in Greece and Cyprus, Lark in Hong Kong, JHH in Poland, Mynform in Iceland, Eagle Films in the middle east and Blitz in Croatia.

Icon Entertainment previously bought UK and Australia/New Zealand to The Prince And The Freshman and in addition Eagle bought the film for Italy, Filmax for Spain, LNK for Portugal, RCV for Benelux, Nordisk for Scandinavia (excluding Iceland), Myndform for Iceland, Film+ for Russia and CIS, Eagle Films for middle east, Blitz for Croatia, Pioneer for Philippines and WPM for Thailand.

Meanwhile Wonderland went to Metro Tartan in the UK, Hoyts in Australia and New Zealand, Filmax in Spain, PWI in Latin America and ProRom in Romania