The North American release of American Psycho will be ushered in by the psycho himself. In an innovative web-based promotional campaign called Pseudo Psycho, author Brett Easton Ellis, who penned the source novel, will unleash his creation Patrick Bateman once again.

Lions Gate Films and netcaster Pseudo Programs will co-present the month-long campaign beginning March 15 (the film opens April 14) with the launch of 'Am. Psycho 2000', a continuation of the novel specially created for the web under the supervision of Ellis. It will be delivered via a series of "cliff-hanger" emails ostensibly from Bateman, the central character of both book and film.

Email Shows Inc is creating and producing the project with Ellis and American Psycho co-producer Clifford Streit using a combination of email and web-based streaming video it calls "viral marketing entertainment." The material will contain out-takes from the film, behind-the-scenes footage and original content.