Local Korean comedy Kick The Moon has passed Pearl Harbor's $12.1m and The Mummy Returns' $11.5m to become this summer's biggest box-office hit, and the second-highest grossing film of the year after the smash hit Friend. As of July 22 the film had attracted over 3.1 million admissions nationwide to record a gross of $16.7m in its fifth week of release. The current tally makes it Korea's most successful comedy ever and the 4th highest-grossing Korean feature of all time.

Shot on location in Gyeongju, a popular tourist destination, Kick The Moon is centered around a gangster and a teacher who fall into an intense rivalry over a woman who owns a local restaurant. It is directed by Kim Sang-jin and produced by Kim Mi-hee, the duo responsible for the 1999 hit Attack The Gas Station!, which drew 2.5 million viewers in Korea and was subsequently sold to Hong Kong and Japan.

Kick The Moon is produced by Fun & Happiness and distributed by Cinema Service. It is scheduled to make its world premiere at MIFED this October.