Norwegian documentary Heftig Og Begeistret, directed by Knut Erik Jensen, continues to hold strong at the local box office, where the box office share of local films is one of the lowest in Europe (5-7%). It has grossed $1,023,922, achieving admissions of 169,464 to March 4, and after 7 weeks on release still holds second place. The hit opened on just 10 prints but has since expanded onto 31, a rare occurrence in the territory. The film, distributed by Europafilm, follows a male choir from the Arctic circle through rehearsal and touring.The documentary's biggest competitor over the weekend was expected to be Paal Sletaune's You Really Got Me (Amatorene), which opened on March 2. The film received more media coverage than fellow opener Hannibal, but could not compete with either the US production or the continuing might of Heftig Og Begeistret. Opening on 36 screens, You Really Got Me had to settle on third place with a weekend gross of $76,873 (12,436 admissions).Another local release, no-budget drama Mongoland, has also surprised distributor Europafilm by grossing $479,130 and achieving admissions of 71,898 after 6 weeks on release.