Despite a great performance from The Bourne Supremacy the highest screen average for the week wasagain reserved for a local film playing in South Korea. Fighter In The Wind (Paramui Paito) placed thirteenth. The film isbased on a comic book based on the life of legendary Korean martial artist ChoiBae-dal during the Japanese occupation of Korea in the 1930s. Yang Dong-guenstars as Choi in director Yang Yun-ho's film.

There was also a strong launch for The Huadu Chronicles: Blade Of The Rose, the sequel to Hong Kong'snumber one hit in 2003 The Twins Effect.Once again starring Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi of pop group Twins, The Huada Chronicles does not follow thevampire theme of The Twins Effect buttakes place in an ancient land ruled by a cruel empress where men aresubservient to women. However, the empress fears a prophecy which says a boywill ascend to become emperor and restore a male regime.

The film is filled with famous faces including Tony LeungKar Fai and Edison Chen and features a fight between martial arts legendsDonnie Yen and Jackie Chan. The good start for the film is promising but itwill have to maintain its early success just to recoup, let alone surpass its$10m (HK$80m) production budget.

The international debut of UIP's The Bourne Supremacy gave the thriller sequel an impressiveeighth-placed entry on the international chart, despite playing in just oneterritory - the UK and Ireland.

The film will likely be a mainstay on the internationalchart for some time. It moves to Asia with launches in Hong Kong, South Korea,Taiwan and Indonesia this weekend.

The top six positions remained virtually unchanged with I, Robot maintaining its lead andcrossing $100m internationally in the process.

The four titles in positions two to five juggled placeswhile, as predicted in last week's international comment, Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkabanpassed $500m internationally in sixth place.

The next landmark due is Shrek2 achieving $400m at the international box office, a feat the animatedfavourite should manage next weekend.

King Arthur sawnumber one openings in Spain ($2.7m), Switzerland ($0.62m), Argentina ($0.44m)lead an 18% week-on-week rise. The film opens in Germany, amongst otherEuropean territories, this weekend and at $70m to date looks good to reach the$100m mark in the next few weeks at the international box office.

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The International table is compiled each week by Leonard Klady for Screen International