Plans unveiled yesterday to renovate London's MillenniumDome will include a 10-screen cinema complex that may serve as a future venuefor UK premieres and market screenings.

Dome operator Anschutz Entertainment Group's (AEG), which will redevelop the site in a $11m (£6m) a year deal, has considerable experience infilm. Its business empire includes the global giant Regal cinema chain.

It is also the parent company - through Anschutz Film Group- of Walden Media and Bristol BayProductions which are currently working on developing, producing anddistributing 16 feature films, including The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion,The Witch And The Wardrobe.

While no specific details other than the multiplex plans were revealed at yesterday's launch, thelogic for developing the site for film industry events is clear.

The Dome - renamedthe O2 in a sponsorship deal - will primarily host music events and house amusic hall of fame.

AEG will need to overcome an image problem with the site.The £600, of national lottery money spent on its construction in 2000 waswidely criticised and it failed to meet its ambitious visitor targets.

Since then, its failure to find a use since has made it aderided white elephant in some quarters.

Tim Leiweke, CEOof AEG Global, said the Dome suffered under the burden of "unreasonableexpectations."