Paul Andrew Williams won the Skillset New Directors Award for London To Brighton announced at the closing weekend of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Accepting the cash prize of £1,500, writer-director Williams admitted that the film had cost £80,000 and thanked the UK Film Council who had stepped in to fund its completion.

The Festival's patron Sir Sean Connery presented the Standard Life Audience Award to Clerks II. The Kevin Smith comedy had received 78% of votes in the unmissable category of audience choices and lead a field that also included Little Miss Sunshine and London To Brighton.

John Hurt announced Brothers Of The Head as the winner of the Michael Powell Award for the year's Best British Film, praising its use of the cinematic language and also observing that London To Brighton had come a very close second in the jury's deliberations.

The Best Documentary Award went to Jake Clennel for The Great Happiness Space: Tale Of An Osaka Love Thief, a portrait of an Osaka night club with a staff of the city's top male escorts.

The Festival was the fifth and final event under Artistic Director Shane Danielsen and was deemed to be a successful mixture of adventurous retrospectives, several striking discoveries and a particularly impressive array of star guests that included Sigourney Weaver, Charlize Theron, Steven Soderbergh, Arthur Penn, Julie Walters and Sean Connery who received a BAFTA Scotland award for lifetime achievement during a two week visit to his home city.

Critic Hannah McGill now assumes the role of Artistic Director.