Specialist distribution veteran Richard Lorber is spearheading a new company that will acquire and market programming for targeted interest groups via digital delivery, DVD's direct-to-consumer, and traditional retail video distribution.

The new venture, Lorber HT Digital, merges the operations of his Lorber Media and that of Hidden Treasures Productions, an outfit that has produced such documentaries as Secrets Of Angels, Demons, And Masons, and Secrets OfMary Magdalene. Its latest documentary special, Secrets Of The Soul, isnow in production.

Lorber will serve as president and chief executive officer of Lorber HT Digital. He will continue to serve as president of Koch Lorber Films, a leading specialty filmdistribution company, which operates independently of Lorber HT Digital.

Explaining the new push, Lorber said: 'The internet is the optimal means of reaching geographically and demographically dispersed audiences with affinity interests.'

'Our customized web strategy will supplement delivery across all platforms, whether in virtual or physical form, and allow us to best reach the right communities for our content.'

Lorber HT Digital's initial content focus will centre on secular spirituality, what Lorber describes as 'transformational programming.'

'Under this umbrella we'll gather the most stimulating and intelligent 'aha!' titles - programmes dwelling in a terrain of inquiry between belief and reason - in the domains of mind, spirit, culture and the frontiers of science,' adds Lorber.

'Whether as DVD's or downloads, widgets or bits, we'll deliver nourishing nonfiction with an impeccable pedigree that thoughtful audiences will want to access and assimilate.'

In addition to directly distributing spirit-stirring content, Lorber HT Digital will pursue acquisitions of programmes and films with broader rights for television and international licensing, as well as co-production opportunities. It will also continue to operate its nonfiction production arm.

Lorber was the co-founder and head of Fox Lorber, which he later merged into WinStar TV & Video. As co-chairman of WinStar, he acquired Wellspring Media, specializing in the spirituality area, and released such landmark programmes as Joseph Campbell's Power Of Myth and the Mystic Fire collection.

He is also chairman of the board of Film Forum, New York's celebrated art-house theatre in Manhattan's West Village.