AFI FEST, the internationalfilm festival held by the American Film Institute (AFI) in Los Angeles Nov7-17, has announced its lineup, which is composed of 134 films from 37countries.

The festival is divided intovarious categories: International feature competition, internationaldocumentary competition and international shorts competition, AmericanDirections, Asian New Classics, European Showcase, Latin Cinema Series andSpecial Screenings.

"AFI FESThas become the festival of record for international cinema here in Los Angeleseach year," said festival director Christian Gaines. "Our 2002programme is remarkable in the diversity of voices and visions from all cornersof the world and the way it reflects the diversity of Los Angeles."

The festivalopens with the US premiere of Denzel Washington's Antwone Fisher, the centerpiece gala is the US premiereof Atom Egoyan's Ararat and the closing night is the gala presentation of PedroAlmodovar's Talk To Her.

Internationalfeature competition, all US premieres, consists of the following films:

An Adolescent (Japan) Eiji Okuda, director

BlissfullyYours (Thailand) ApichatpongWeerasethakul

Chaos AndDesire (Canada) ManonBriand

EveryStewardess Goes To Heaven(Argentina/Spain) Daniel Burman

Hold My Heart (Norway) Trygve Allister Diesen

HypnotizedAnd Hysterical (Hairdresser Wanted) (France) Claude Duty

Max (US/Canada/Germany) Menno Meyjes

Okay (Denmark) Jesper W Nielsen

Samsara (India/Germany) Pan Nalin

ShatteredGlass (Germany) ChrisKraus

Snakeskin (New Zealand) Gillian Ashurst

This Is Not ALove Song (UK) BilleEltringham

InternationalDocumentary Competition:

7thStreet (US) Josh Pais

AnonymouslyYours (Burma/US) GayleFerraro

Blind Spot:Hitler's Secretary(Austria) Andre Heller & Othmar Schmiderer

Cinemania (US) Angela Christlieb

Family (Denmark) Sami Martin Saif & PhieAmbo

Jimmy Scott:If You Only Knew (US)Matthew Buzzell

MozambiqueWhere Film Goes (Italy)Nello Ferrieri & Raffaele Rago

Photos ToSend (US/Ireland)Dierdre Lynch

Prom Night InKansas City (US) HaliLee & Peter Von Ziegesar

The SmithFamily (US) Tasha Oldham

Unprecedented:The 2000 Presidential Election (US) Richard Ray Perez & Joan Sekler

A Wedding InRamallah (Australia)Sherine Salama


Civil Brand (Neema Barnette)

Evenhand (Joseph Pierson)

I'mWith Lucy (Jon Sherman)

Love Liza (Todd Louiso)

Love The HardWay (Peter Sehr)

Safety OfObjects (Rose Troche)

The SlaughterRule (Alex Smith &Andrew Smith)

Solitude (Susan Kraker & Pi Ware)

West BankBrooklyn (GhaziAlbuliwi)

XX/XY (Austin Chick)

Asian NewClassics

Balzac AndThe Little Chinese Seamstress (China/France) Dai Sijie

Chihwaseon (Korea) Im Kwon-Taek

Dark Water (Japan) Hideo Nakata

The DesertedValley (Vietnam) PhamNhue Giang

IranianSpread (Iran) KianooshAyyari

MillenniumActress (Japan) SatoshiKon

ShaolinSoccer (China) StephenChow

Small Voices (Philippines) Gil M Portes

To Stay Alive (Iran) Dariush Mehrjoui

The Way Home (Korea) Lee Jeong-Hyang


The Cuckoo (Russia) Alexander Rogozhkin

DivineIntervention(France/Palestine/Morocco/Germany) Elia Suleiman

Gebirtig (Austria/Germany/Poland/US) Lukas Stepanik& Robert Schindel

Irreversible (France) Gaspar Noe

The Man OnThe Train (France)Patrice Leconte

MorvernCallar (UK) Lynne Ramsay

Respiro (Italy) Emanuele Crialese

SleepingRough (Netherlands)Eugenie Jansen

Supplement (Poland) Krzysztof Zanussi

Sweet Sixteen (UK) Ken Loach

Latin CinemaSeries:

About TheLiving (Mexico) JorgeAguilera

City Of God (Brazil) Fernando Mereilles

The City OfNo Limits(Spain/Argentina) Antonio Hernandez

The DancerUpstairs(Spain/Italy/Ecuador) John Malkovich

Don'tTempt Me(Spain/France/Italy/Mexico) Agustin Diaz Yanes

TheInheritance (Brazil)Daniel Filho

Intacto (Spain) Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

A Lucky Day (Argentina/Italy) Sandra Gugliotta

Nothing More (Cuba) Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti

Testimony:The Maria Guardado Story(US) Randy Vasquez


Only TheStrong Survive (US)Chris Hegedus, DA Pennebaker

The QuietAmerican (Australia)Phillip Noyce

Rabbit ProofFence (Australia)Phillip Noyce

Spider (Canada/UK) David Cronenberg