A new Los Angeles-based non-profit organisation is aiming to promote Hungarian films in the international market, starting with securing a Golden Globe nomination for Robert Koltai's Mayday Mayhem (pictured).

Friends of Hungarian Cinema was founded by seven founders, including film distribution expert Bela Bunyik. One of the main ambitions of the foundation is to enter each year a Hungarian film for the prestigious Golden Globe Award.

In October, the foundation will organise the fifth Los Angeles Hungarian Film Festival, dedicated this year to Hungarian directors of photography, including Leslie Kovacs, Lajos Koltai and Elemer Ragalyi.

Istvan Szabo's Taking Sides will open the event on October 10, followed by 26 screenings of many of the popular films from this year's Hungarian Film Week, including Gabor Herendi's A Kind Of America, Daniel Erdelyi's Forward! and Zoltan Kamondi's Temptations. The event will also feature a world premiere, which has yet to be announced.