Under pressure from itssponsors, the Montreal World Film Festival has decided not to present acontroversial film about Canada's infamous serial killing couple Karla Homolkaand Paul Bernardo.

Karla, directed by Joel Bender, tells the story of Homolka,whose husband Bernardo is serving a life sentence for the kidnapping, rape andmurder of two teenage girls in the early 1990s.

The MWFF released aone-sentence press statement: "In light of the reaction to its proposed showingof the film Karla and thediscomfort expressed by clients of its sponsors, MWFF organizers have decidedagainst presenting the film at the Festival." MWFF president Serge Losiquedeclined to comment further.

Homolka's notoriety wassecured by her appearance in video tapes recorded by the couple during theirgruesome crimes. Presented as evidence during her husband's trial, they showedthat Homolka, who claimed to have been coerced by her husband and agreed tocooperate in Bernardo's prosecution in a plea bargain, had in fact been awilling accomplice.

It was also revealed she wascomplicit with Bernardo in the rape and man-slaughter of her own sister. Shewas recently released from Canadian prison after serving a 12-year sentence.

The film, originally titled Deadly,was renamed Karla. It stars Laura Prepon, Misha Collins, Tess Harperand Patrick Bauchau.