Local comedy Lost In Thailand has grossed a whopping $77.8m (RMB485m) after eight days on release in China, blowing away the peak box office season’s bigger budget films.

Distributed by Beijing Enlight Pictures, the film opened on December 12 and has since broken several records including biggest December opening day box office ($6.25m), biggest daily box office for a mainland Chinese film ($14.9m on Dec 15) and biggest daily admissions for a mainland Chinese film (2.78 million admissions on Dec 15). 

It also set the record for a Wednesday release and clocked up the highest number of daily screenings for a mainland Chinese film (33,000 screenings on Dec 15).

Local actor and comedian Xu Zheng stars and makes his directing debut with the film, which also stars Huang Bo and Wang Baoqiang. The comic road movie revolves around a businessman who flies to Bangkok to find his missing boss, with a rival in hot pursuit and a happy-go-lucky travel companion.

The film is out-grossing the season’s blockbusters such as Back To 1942 and The Last Supper, both released in late November, which had grossed $55.56m and $11.93m respectively as of December 16.

Ang Lee’s Life Of Pi had grossed $85.62m as of December 16, while the 3D re-release of 2012 had grossed $21.68m.

However, the competition hots up again this weekend with the opening of Jackie Chan’s Chinese Zodiac and Andrew Lau’s The Guillotines.