Scott Lipsky has been formallyanointed as chairman and chief executive officer of Lot 47 Films, the NewYork-based independent distributor of such films as Tim Roth's The WarZone, Chunhyang from Korea, Venus Beauty Institute and Claire Denis' controversial Trouble Every Day (pictured left).

Lipsky, who co-founded Lot47 in 1999 with his brother and veteran film distributor, Jeff, has served untilnow as acting CEO on an interim basis. He had divided time between Lot 47 and AvenueA, a Seattle-based digital marketing services and technology firm he co-foundedin 1997. He will continue to commute between the two coastal cities.

According to a statement,Lipsky's pioneering expertise in digital marketing "will help Lot47 capitalize on the growing convergence of advertising and entertainment inthe film, video and digital content marketplaces."

As chief technology officer atAvenue A, Lipsky oversaw the development, testing and deployment of technologyand services that deliver and measure the effectiveness of advertising on theWeb, interactive television and portable/wireless devices. Previously, he servedas vice president of business expansion at, where he was one of thecompany's initial employees in the run-up to going public.

Working alongside Scott asCEO and Jeff as president of Lot 47 is another Lipsky brother, Mark, who servesas executive vice president and chief strategy officer having formerly workedas senior vice president of sales and marketing for Miramax Films and directorof marketing for the Independent Film Channel.

Lot 47 is currently seekingadditional capital and to that end has retained independent consultants DanLieblein, former chief financial officer of USA Films, and David Sobel, formertax director of Primedia and Viacom, as advisers on financing, equity raising,business strategy and mergers and acquisitions.

While Lot 47 says it remainsprimarily focused on the acquisition and theatrical distribution of Americanindependent films as well as high-profile foreign films, the company is alsoinvolving itself in the emerging digital technologies. Those two worlds havealready intersected in its three-year distribution agreement with Blow UpPictures, one of the leading producers of digital video features whose filmsinclude both Chuck & Buck andSeries 7). Lot 47 alsoco-executive produced the digital feature film Get Outta The Boat with actor John Cusack.

Other current or upcoming releasesinclude the Australian romantic comedy Russian Doll, waydowntown and two films acquired after this year's Sundance Film Festival: L.I.E. and Scotland, PA.