Productionwrapped last week (May 13) on Chinese director Lou Ye's Summer Palace, following a three-month shoot inChina and two weeks in Berlin.

Co-producedby China's Laurel Films and France's Rosem Films, the $3m drama follows thelives and love affairs of four ordinary people from 1988, when China had juststarted to open up, to the present day.

Lou'scredits include Rotterdam winner Suzhou River and Purple Butterfly, which screened in competition atCannes in 2003.

The film isone of several projects that Rosem and Laurel have in various stages ofproduction. Shooting is scheduled to start at the end of June on Sister Yun,the second film from Chinese female director Li Yu, who directed China's firstlesbian drama Fish And Elephant.

Set inWestern China, her new film follows a woman who returns to her home town aftera twenty year absence and is confronted by the son she thought had died atbirth.

Rosem andLaurel are also teaming on the next film from Wang Chao following Day AndNight which theyco-produced last year. The new project, which has the working title LuxuryCar, revolvesaround a teacher who while searching for his son is confronted by the realitiesof China's fast-changing society.

Separately,Bursztejn is continuing to produce French films through Paris-based RosemFilms. Upcoming productions include Olivier Peray's Four Truth, set to star Jonathan Zaccai andNatacha Regnier (The Dreamlife Of Angels). Based on David Baddiel's novel Whatever LoveMeans, the film isscheduled to start shooting on September 15.