George Lucas'Lucasfilm has spun off theatrical audio standard outfit THX as an independentcompany. Originally a division of Lucasfilm, THX is now a privately heldcompany with Lucasfilm among several corporate and private investors. The movewas made to allow the company to expand into markets outside Lucasfilm'score areas of expertise.

THX has also reorganized itsprogrammes and services into five key areas: THX Studio, THX Cinema, THX Home,THX Mobile and THX Games. In the professional arena, THX will continue toexpand its list of licensees in the newly established THX Digital CinemaCertification Programme, which establishes performance and quality levels fordigital systems and individual digital cinema components including projectorsand servers.

Under THX Mobile and Games,the company is targeting car audio entertainment systems and computer games andgame consoles as key areas for expansion.