In the run-up to Cannes, increasingly aggressive UK distributor Revolver has been on a buying spree.

Among a handful of titles it has picked up in recent weeks is Jamie Morgan's provocative documentary The Workshop, one of the buzz titles at last month's Tribeca Festival. (Lumina is selling the film in the market.) Revolver will give the film a theatrical release in the UK later in the year.

Another recent Revolver acquisition is Lagerfeld Confidential, Rodolphe Marconi's film about legendary fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld. The company is planning its release to tie in with London Fashion Week later in the year and plans to lure Lagerfeld over to London.

Meanwhile, showing its appetite for genre fare, Revolver has also picked up low budget British horror, The Zombie Dairies, and New Zealand horror picture, The Ferryman.

Earlier this week, Revolver held a special screening in London of political documentary Taking Liberties (on Moviehouse's Cannes slate) with leading journalists and politicians in attendance. The film, which looks at the erosion of civil liberties in the UK and has been billed as Britain's answer to Fahrenheit 9/11, was co-produced by Revolver. It will be released in the UK next month to tie in with Tony Blair's departure from Downing Street at the end of June.

Revolver also pre-buys an increasing number of titles. For example, the company was early in boarding Robinson Devor's Quinzaine title Zoo, a feature exploring bestiality.

Revolver boss Justin Marciano has confirmed that the company will be releasing Kenneth Branagh's opera film, The Magic Flute, in time for Christmas and will be presenting it to audiences as a seasonal festive film for families.

The company is also planning its biggest release to date for Guillaume Canet's runaway French hit Tell No One. The film will go out on around 70 prints in the UK next month.

Other forthcoming Revolver releases include Loose Change, a film exploring unanswered questions about 9/11, Geoffrey Wright's Macbeth and Martin Gero's Young People Fuckin' (which it pre-bought from THINKfilm).