Lumumba, the true story of assassinated African leader Patrice Lumumba, is smashing South African art-house records.

The Ster-Kinekor Picturesand Film Resource Unit film has racked up more than $14,700 (R167,000) fromjust two prints. Directed by Raoul Peck, it beat the second week tally of Buena Vista Social Club, although itopened slightly lower.The film started to dropslightly in its third week.

Thefilm charts how Lumumba was at the center of the Congo's resistance to itsBelgian colonizer. He became the first prime minister of the Republic of Congoand a pioneer of African unity but was murdered in 1961.

Ster-Kinekor isdistributing the film through the independent cinema circuit after its run onthe Noveau circuit, while Film Resource Unit holds all non-theatrical, video,DVD and broadcasting rights in Southern Africa.