LA-based producer Dan Lupovitz, executive producer on Death Defying Acts starring Catherine Zeta Jones and Guy Pearce and one of the producers on the currently-shooting Good with Viggo Mortenson, has lined out a slate of international projects here from film-makers including Jeremy Podeswa, Marc Evans and hot UK commercials directors Chris Palmer and Kevin Thomas.

Lupovitz, whose previous credits include Simpatico, Search And Destroy and The Velocity Of Gary, has enlisted Podeswa for the film of Rose Tremain's Paris-set novel The Way I Found Her. Tremain herself has written the screenplay about an adolescent boy hunting for a woman who has gone missing. Podeswa's next film Fugitive Pieces is the opening night film of this year's Toronto International Film Festival in Sept.

Evans is set to direct Hunky Dory, which Lupovitz is producing with Jon Finn (Billy Elliot), the story of a bohemian school teacher staging a rock musical in Wales in the heatwave summer of 1976. Laurence Coriat (Wonderland, Genova) wrote the screenplay.

Palmer is set to direct Drinks And Dinner, an apocalyptic romantic comedy set in New York which is based on an original screenplay by Mickey Birnbaum.

Thomas is attached to direct the US-set thriller 8pm Pacific which Lupovitz is producing with Marjory Bone and Thomas' company Thomas Thomas. Scripted by John McNally, the film is about a woman trapped in an office building by night with a killer.

George Melod has written and will direct The Christopher Walken Society, a darkly comic buddy road movie in which one buddy is trying to kill another. Walken will appear in the film in a small role.

Nick Drake, who wrote Eric Bana-starrer Romulus My Father, has written Ochsberg's Orphans which is the true story of a South African man who traveled to wartorn Ukraine to rescue children orphaned in the Pogrom.

Scott Johnson is the writer/director of Wine, Women And Song, a romantic comedy set against the backdrop of the music business which Lupovitz is currently packaging.

Other projects on the Lupovitz slate include another Tremain adaptation Music & Silence, an epic romance set in 17th century Denmark, and Jonathan Creek, a US TV adaptation of the hit UK series which is in development at Sony Television.