Spain's mostestablished film laboratory Madrid Film and Das Werk-backed post-productionhouse Mad Pix have created a new digital laboratory to be housed between thecurrent Madrid headquarters of the two companies.

Speaking at the SanSebastian International Film Festival (Sept 19-28), the companies said they hadinvested an initial Euros 2m in synchronizing their installations to be able toproduce high definition (HD) masters, and anticipate pumping at least anotherEuros 2-3m, depending on the equipment purchased, into the project.

Jorge Calvo, founder of MadPix, added that together they could offer clients 'control over theentire process' of digital shooting, from pre-production through copycreation.

Adding that 'digitalcinema is still in a trial period,' both in terms of image quality andaccess to exhibition platforms, Madrid Film head Alain Coiffier said the newproject would benefit from his company's analogue expertise and Mad Pix'sdigital expertise.

Calvo said Mad Pix, whichforms part of the Das Werk-backed En Efecto group, chose to enter into theagreement with Madrid Film - rather than its Barcelona-based sister lab ImageFilm - to avoid 'traveling the negative.'