Thai action film Ong Bak has been acquired for the US byMagnolia Pictures.

The film was a smash success in its native country beforebeing released by EuropaCorp in France in April. In its first week of release,Ong Bak averaged $10,000 per screen and has now amassed $6.4 million inreceipts.

The film is set for a wide November release. Magnolia Pictures said the film's star Tony Jaa has sparked the interest of several top US directors. Jaa just began shooting Tom-Yum-Goong with Ong Bak director Prachya Pinkaew and the rest of the Ong Bak team in Australia. An Ong Bak sequel is already in the works.

EuropaCorp, which is handling the film in keyEnglish-speaking and western European territories has now closed deals with Raiin Italy, Manga Films in Spain, MC One in Germany and Austria and Gussi inLatin America as well as all of Eastern Europe.