Rumle Hammerich, head of production at the Copenhagen-based Nordisk Film Production, has been replaced by Kim Magnusson (pictured), general manager of Nordisk Film's film and TV drama operations.

Hammerich previously developed highly successful TV-series like Taxa and Unit One as well as the upcoming Defense (Forsvar), and he will continue to do so as creative manager at Nordisk Film Production.

Hammerich will also develop his own projects as director including one based on Hans Christian Andersen's life. "Nordisk Film has been successful in attracting new talent, new producers, directors and writers," says Hammerich, "I believe that the company is in a very positive development... I'm looking forward to concentrating on my H.C. Andersen-project and have more time to develop scripts. My new job is a dream position, which allows me to focus more on content."

Among the films produced under Hammerich are Morten Arnfred's Move Me, Nils Malmros' Facing The Truth and Jonas Elmer's Mona's World. "We're continuing the development Rumle has helped get started," says Kim Magnusson. "Within a few years we will have at least ten new films coming out annually across the Nordic region."