Canadian-UK financier Grosvenor Park is backing Michael Winterbottom’s $15m Kingdom Come, the company’s largest-scale UK-originated feature since launching a London office two years ago.

Grosvenor chief Don Starr said that Grosvenor will arrange 25% of the project’s budget through sale and leaseback financing in the UK and Canadian tax credits.

Grosvenor will act as Kingdom’s Canadian co-producer, taking a producer credit. Shooting is to start next month, with UK lottery franchise Pathe Pictures and MGM specialist division United Artists also backing the film.

Starr calculates that the company has handled UK sale and leaseback work on TV and film projects totalling a hefty £150m this tax year. As a producing partner, Grosvenor has also worked on TV and film projects totalling Can$250m this tax year. Along with David Cronenberg’s eXistenZ, Grosvenor has handled UK projects such as Tube Tales, The Lost Son and The Last Yellow.