The 14th Motovun Film Festival (July 25-29) wrapped last night with Michael R. Roskam’s Bullhead winning the main prize, the Motovun Propeller.

The jury consisting of Agnes Kocsis, David Mackenzie and Vanja Cernul gave a special mention to Stephane Lafleur’s Familiar Ground.

The Bauer Award for the best local film in theatrical distribution in the territories of the former Yugoslavia went to Nikola Lezaic’s Tilva Rosh, which previously picked up the Heart of Sarajevo in 2010, and later won best film at both Serbian national competition festivals in Novi Sad and Sopot, as well as the FIPRESCI prize at the Transylvania International Film Festival in Cluj. The film receives $7,199 in cash from the festival and $14,398 in services from Slovenia’s Teleking.

Motovun’s FIPRESCI jury voted for Marcelino Islas Hernandez’s Martha from Mexico.

The Corruption-Free Award, given in cooperation with Transparency International Croatia, went to the Bulgarian box office hit Mission London by Dimitar Mitovski.

Zachary Treitz’s We’re Leaving from the US won best short film.

This year’s Motovun also included the Developing Your Film Festival course organized by the UK’s Independent Cinema Office (ICO) in co-operation with the Vilnius International Film Festival, and funded by the MEDIA programme.

The course gathered 40 festival organisers and programmers from all over Europe.

Speakers included Louis Savy from Sci-Fi London who spoke of sponsorship funding; film PR consultant Iris Ordonez who gave a lecture on planning press campaigns; Ginnie Atkinson, the former Managing Director of Edinburgh who outlined business plans and strategic planning; Rachael Castell from the Support Your Local Cinema project and Joanne O’Hagan, the Chief Executive of the JDIFF, who spoke on use of social networks in reaching wider audiences, driving ticket sales and raising the festival profile; and Maryanne Redpath, the director of the Berlinale Generation, who showcased programmes that reached wider young audiences; and Pape Boye from the Paris-based international sales company Coach 14 who was there to answer numerous questions about screening fees and sales agents’ policy.

This was the first such course the ICO held outside the UK and wrapped with founding of an informal European film festivals network.