A plucky Britishwartime carrier pigeon hopes to ruffle feathers in America.

Disney isputting its full marketing might behind UK animated feature, Valiant, scheduling a 1,500-2,000-print releasethrough Buena Vista on August 19.

The key datemeans the CGI film should reach the key Labor Day weekend crowds. No otherfamily-oriented films are being released in the US at the time.

In the run-up toCannes, Medusa took rights for Italy (one of the few major territories leftunsold) from international sales outfit Odyssey.

Details ofDisney's plans for the release are yet to be confirmed, but the studio'srecent, aggressive push of Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy shows the company is prepared to put itsfull marketing might behind British-themed movies.

Sources close tothe production predict Disney will be releasing the film on between 1,500 and2,000 prints, with an estimated P&A spend of around $30m.

Disney isbelieved to be banking on a box-office take of between $60 and $70 million.

Valiant, made at Ealing Studios in West London,is about a young bird - voiced by Ewan McGregor, who signs up for the HomingPigeon Service during the Second World War, only to find himself stuck behindenemy lines.

The film wasreleased in the UK earlier this year to mixed reviews. After a slow start, ithas gone on to do solid business.