EXCLUSIVE: Following his collaboration with Takashi Shimizu on Rigor Mortis, Hong Kong filmmaker and actor Juno Mak has revealed that he is working with another iconic Japanese filmmaker, Takashi Miike, on his next project.

Mak is currently scripting the film, The Torturer, The Cleaner And The Gravedigger (aka The TCG), which he describes as a dark psychological thriller. Miike has come on board to produce and will visit Hong Kong in May to work with Mak on the script.

The project will be produced by Mak’s Kudos Films, which he established with veteran producer Willie Chan in 2011 (Chan is now a consultant to the company). Kudos’ debut production is horror film Rigor Mortis, inspired by the Geung Si (vampire) movies of the 1980s. Fortissimo recently picked up international rights to the film.

“There was something unique about those hopping vampire movies and I always wanted a chance to revisit the genre,” said Mak. “But I’ve tried to transform what used to be seen as ‘popcorn films’ into something with a message.”

Mak previously co-wrote award-winning drama Revenge: A Love Story with the film’s director, Wong Ching Po, and also starred in the film. He is also scripting an as-yet-untitled project aimed at the Korean market.