Quentin Tarantino's KillBill Vol 2 has been passed by Malaysia's censorship board with a 18certificate - although Kill Bill Vol 1 was never released in theterritory.

Local distributor SunnyFilm, which is releasing Vol 2, didnot even bother to acquire the first part, knowing that it would never beapproved by the censorship board, said director of theatrical distributionGerald Lim.

Vol 2 stood a better chance because it is not as violent -however, it still needed 18 cuts beforeit was passed by the censors.

Lim is not too concernedthat as the audience won't have seen the first part it will affect the boxoffice - as Vol 2 tells more of whathappens to the bride on her wedding day than did Vol 1.

Vol 2 willbe released nationwide in mid-July after a special screening on the June 3opening of Starlight Cinema, reportedly Asia's largest outdoor cinema festival.

Over five weeks, thefestival will feature 40 films, including recent hits: The Day After Tomorrow and VanHelsing as well as the extended editions of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.