Malaysia's Golden ScreenCinemas (GSC) is launching the territory's first digital cinemas in conjunctionwith the release of Visits: Hungry GhostAnthology, the country's first local Chinese ghost feature in which GSC isa co-investor.

GSC, a distributor and thelargest exhibitor in Malaysia, has installed two RM200,000 high-end LCD/DLPprojectors, one in GSC Mid Valley in Kuala Lumpur and one in GSC Gurney Plaza,the new 12-screen multiplex in Penang.

The electronic cinemas givea boost to the local independent film scene. 'They will provide localindependent directors with an alternative platform to showcase their works[which are mostly shot on DV] without converting them to costly 35 mm films,'says Irving Chee, general manager of GSC.

First up is Visits: Hungry Ghost Anthology featuringfour interwoven ghost stories by four local directors including Low Ngai Yuen's1413, James Lee's Waiting For Them, Ng Tian Hann's Nodding Scoop and Ho Yuhang's Anybody Home'. It opens on August 26during the Hungry Ghost month according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

The Chinese-language Hungry Ghost is produced by Red Films'Lina Tan, a strong supporter of Malaysia's independent film movement, incollaboration with GSC. Chee says the US$120,000 project marks GSC's firstforay into production and GSC is keen to be more active in producing ifsuitable projects come up.

Red Films has on its slate Summer Kisses, Winter Tears which won aHubert Bals grant. Ho is attached to direct while Lee will produce. Productionis scheduled to start next year.