Through an exclusivemarketing deal with Rossellini and Associates, epic drama Puteri GunungLedang (The Princess Of Mount Ledang) is set to be the first Malaysian filmthat will break into the international market.

Malaysia's new productioncompany Enfiniti is financing the Malay-language film, which is made at abudget of $4m (RM15m), the most expensive local film ever.

Executive producer DatukShazalli Ramly said that Enfiniti is committed to make a film of internationalstandards and Rossellini and Associates has been brought onboard as aco-producer for its expertise in promoting the film for distribution in Europeand North America.

A period drama set duringthe Golden Age of Malacca in the 15th century, Puteri Gunung Ledang has all the elements for internationalrelease.

'Merchants from around theworld came to Malacca to trade at that time, which provides a colourfulbackdrop for the film. It is part history as well as part love story - itchronicles the romance between the legendary Majapahit princess in the titleand Malay warrior Hang Tuah,' said Shazalli, who is also CEO of NTV7, a localfree-to-air TV channel.

He hopes that the film willhelp people to understand how Malaysia came to be a cultural melting pot as itis today. Directed by Saw Teong Hin, Puteri GunungLedang is scheduled to open on August 31, Malaysia's National Day.

The output of Malay-languagefilms is fast growing in Malaysia, which is poised to be the second largestfilm producer in South East Asia this year.